Bipolar Disorder

My name is Dr Gabriella Unsen and I have been helping people with Bipolar Disorder for many years.

Bipolar Disorder used to be called ‘manic depression.’ The older name describes the two poles of the illness. The mood swings , which last from weeks to months, rather than hours or days, can range from extreme depression to abnormal excitement, elation or irritability. Sometimes there is a loss of reality testing as well.

About 1 % (1 in every 100) of the population suffer with the condition. Bipolar can rarely start in childhood but onset is commoner in the teens or early 20’s. Many people can go for years before accurate diagnosis is made.

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Bipolar Disorder

Dr Gabriella Unsen

I am a caring and supportive psychiatrist with many years experience in both psychiatry and psychotherapy. I have had specialist training in all areas of psychiatry and subspecialty training in psychotherapy, personality disorders and psychiatry of old age.